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The Importance of Medical Records in Cases


Malpractice lawyers are legal experts that can assist clients in receiving justice due to medical negligence or error. Unfortunately, malpractice occurs more often than it should due to various factors that affect the healthcare or lives of patients in the hands of medical professionals.

Malpractice lawyers exist because the demand for these legal experts has increased over the years. Death due to medical errors is especially concerning, as it is the third leading cause of fatalities after cancer and heart disease in the United States. Medical malpractice attorneys can help clients lay claims for compensation or navigate a settlement deal in or out of court.

Medical Records

The medical records of claimants are more often than not the evidence needed in court to prove that medical malpractice indeed occurred. Therefore, the need to obtain medical records is very high on the agenda of any malpractice attorney.

Because medical records contain detailed information on the patients care at a medical institution, these records are the most valuable documents to a law firm, lawyer or attorney undertaking a medical malpractice case. The detailed information contained in medical records often wins cases for patients.

Document Retrieval Services

Medical information collection services are a crucial part of the workflow process in any malpractice investigation or case. Using such services can free up time and much needed resources, which is already a win for any malpractice attorney. Fast turn-around times when retrieving documents is a major benefit for attorneys, as this frees up time to do further investigating on any given case.

American Retrieval specializes in medical record retrieval for law firms, lawyers, and attorneys to win malpractice cases. Thorough and accurate medical records are easily accessible with the help of document retrieval service providers. Streamlined data retrieval processes, which are easy to use and navigate, are a necessity for any law firm, attorney or lawyer.

Medical records contain all the details about the patient's medical history, including clinical findings, imaging results, urine or blood test results, pre- and post-operative care, and medication administered with times and dates. All this information is necessary for a malpractice case.

Time and Money

For many malpractice lawyers or attorneys, malpractice cases are scrutinized before being undertaken, as winning a malpractice case is unlikely without concrete evidence. At times, even a simple apology or admission of guilt by a doctor to a patient can result in a lengthy and expensive legal battle, which sets out to prove that the healthcare provider did indeed admit to an error.

For this reason, medical documents often must prove that am error took place with substantial evidence that can be justified. The high likelihood of failure in medical malpractice cases is another deterrent for lawyers who undertake such cases.

Often, poor health or health-related outcomes is not the result of malpractice, which most clients do not fully understand. Often, obtaining the patient's medical documents can be all that is needed for a lawyer to determine whether a case is worth pursuing, which is worth a lot to any law firm. 

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