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Personal Injury 101

personal injury 101

What is personal injury?

You may have heard a great deal of discussion regarding legal action after personal injury, but not enough about specifics. The term personal injury is defined as damage to a person's body, rather than to property or reputation. Consider the example of an automobile accident. If a victim sustains whiplash, or a broken leg, or a severe brain trauma, this would be considered personal injury. Damage may also have occurred to the vehicles involved, or possessions contained within them, as well as infrastructure and objects in the immediate vicinity; these would not constitute personal injury and would be handled separately if legal action were to be pursued.

Examples of personal injury

Transport-related injuries

As above, wounds and trauma sustained during a car accident would be considered personal injury. So too would any injuries resulting from an incident involving boats, ships, trains, and airplanes, whether or not the journey was commercial. In case of injuries sustained whilst travelling, make sure to report them to the police, as well as any relevant companies responsible for your travel, as soon as possible. If there are witnesses present when an injury is sustained, try to obtain their contact details or a signed statement, to support any subsequent compensation claim.

Medical negligence

We put our trust in medical professionals every day. Whilst the majority of treatments go according to plan, it is an unfortunate reality that thousands of patients every year are the victims of medical misconduct. Unsuccessful operations, failed medical devices, and adverse side effects of prescribed drugs can have devastating consequences. So too can the abuse of vulnerable elderly and disabled patients in nursing homes. These are all examples of personal injury. It is important to seek legal action in these cases, not only to compensate the victims, but to ensure that malpractice is not repeated in the future.

Consumer products

We depend on manufacturers to create consumer products that are safe and of good quality. Sometimes this is not the case; either a product malfunctions or it is deliberately manufactured to a low quality. This creates unnecessary risk, and can lead to injury. If you suspect a product is faulty, particularly if it has caused injury, retain the product and its packaging; companies are liable for what they sell, and legal action may be pursued in these instances.

Animal attacks

As much as we adore animals and welcome pets into our homes, there are occasions on which people become the victim of animal attacks, such as dog bites. In the interest of public safety, it is crucial to contact the police or animal control after an incident involving an animal. It may also be prudent to seek compensation, particularly if an injury causes long-term damage to health or employment prospects.

In the workplace

Unfortunately, accidents do happen at work. Often, this is a direct result of employer negligence, whether intentional or not. It is an employer's duty to protect the safety of all workers; if you have been the victim of a workplace accident, ensure that it is reported and any witnesses have completed statements. Speak with a specialist lawyer to help navigate the process of compensation.

Further advice

If you suspect you have been the victim of a personal injury, seek advice from a legal expert. For those in the Nashville area, Bill Easterly PI Attorney will be able to support you through the next steps.

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