Contract for Sale of Goods Sale or Return

1. Introduction. Agreement made [date] between [name], with principal offices at [address] (Seller), and [name], with principal offices at [address] (Buyer).

2. Sale. Seller will sell to Buyer goods of the following description and quantity: [list of goods].

3. Purchase Price. The purchase price of the goods is ---------- dollars ($----------) per [number].

4. Delivery. Seller will deliver the goods to Buyer by [date], at Buyer's retail store located at [address].

5. Buyer's Right to Return Goods. So long as the goods remain in their delivered condition, Buyer may, upon [number] days' written notice to Seller, return the goods to Seller. However, Buyer cannot return fewer than [number] units nor more than [number], and no returns can be made later than [number] months following delivery of the goods. Return shipment to Seller will be arranged and paid for by Buyer.

6. Payment of Purchase Price-Credit for Goods Returned. Buyer will pay for the goods no later than [number] days after their delivery. If Buyer returns goods before that date and Buyer has made no payment, Buyer need not pay for goods so returned. If Buyer returns goods after having paid for them, Seller may credit the payment against Buyer's current account with Seller or, if at the time of the return Buyer is not obligated to Seller, Seller will refund the purchase price within [number] days after Seller receives delivery of the returned goods.