Livestock Feeding and Maintenance Agreement

Introduction: Agreement made [date] between [name], of [address] (Feeder), and [name], of [address] (Owner).

1. Term. This Agreement will begin on [date] and terminate on [date], or when all the cattle that are the subject of this Agreement are sold, whichever occurs first.

2. Purchase and Delivery. Feeder will sell to Owner, and Owner will buy from Feeder, [number] head of steers presently owned by Feeder for delivery to Feeder's feed lot located at [address].

3. Description of Cattle. The cattle must be merchantable and weigh in the range of [number] to [number] pounds. If, on delivery, the cattle have horns, they will be tipped at Feeder's expense. The number of cattle shipped may vary from the number set out in this Agreement because of losses from death and other causes before the commencement of the term. If the number of cattle shipped is less than the amount stated in this Agreement, the Agreement will be deemed adjusted to state the actual number of cattle delivered to Feeder's feed lot.

4. Purchase Price. The purchase price of the cattle is ---------- dollars ($----------) per pound plus transportation charges from [address] to Feeder's feed lot.

5. Method of Payment. Owner will pay the purchase price to Feeder in the following manner: [method of payment].

6. Care of Cattle. Feeder will feed and care for the cattle in a manner customary in the industry. Except for feed, Feeder will pay all expenses connected with the care and the feeding of the cattle, including transportation, salt, minerals, spray, real estate rentals, labor, and all other expenses not specifically covered elsewhere in this Agreement.

7. Feeding and Marketing of Cattle. Feeder will feed the cattle for at least [number] days and guarantees an average weight gain per animal of [number] pounds per day during this period. After this period, Feeder will market the cattle in accordance with Owner's instruction.

8. Sale of Feed to Owner. Owner will buy from Feeder the following quantities of feed within [number] days after the date of this Agreement: [number] tons of silage, [number] pounds of milo, and [number] tons of protein pellets. The total purchase price is ---------- dollars ($----------). Feeder will use this to feed the cattle, varying the feeding as Feeder sees fit, and subject to variations in feed prices. If more feed is required, Feeder will supply it, and Owner will purchase it at the current market price.

9. Unconsumed Feed. If the feed purchased by Owner is not fully used before the cattle are marketed, Feeder will repurchase the unused feed at the current market price.

10. Service Costs. Owner will pay ---------- dollars ($----------) per day per head for handling and service costs, together with transportation costs to and from the yards. Owner will also pay all personal property taxes and any necessary veterinary expenses.

11. Relationship Between Feeder and Owner. Feeder is an independent contractor and is not Owner's agent or employee.

12. Hold Harmless. Feeder will hold Owner harmless against any claim for taxes on wages paid to Feeder's employees, claims for workers' compensation by any of Feeder's employees, and claims of third parties arising out of the handling of Owner's cattle while they are in Feeder's care.

13. Automatic Termination. Unless Owner notifies Feeder in writing to the contrary, this Agreement shall terminate upon Feeder's death, bankruptcy, or insolvency, or if Feeder attempts to sell, pledge, or otherwise transfer or encumber Owner's cattle without Owner's consent.

14. Owner's Right to Terminate. Owner may terminate this Agreement upon [number] days' written notice to Feeder if Feeder violates any provision of the Agreement.

15. Disposition of Cattle Upon Termination. If this Agreement terminates by reason of the provisions of Paragraph 13 or 14, Feeder will deliver Owner's cattle to Owner in accordance with Owner's instructions. Owner may enter upon the premises where any of the cattle may be found and take possession of and remove them. In such event, Owner will be entitled to a return of any sums paid by Owner to Feeder for services that have not been rendered.