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  3. Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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Hi All,

My name is Gabriel, I am from Nigerian I moved into Canada 8 years ago. Few years before I joined university and took loan about 10,000$ to make up my tuition fees, as I struggled to get jobs and couldn't repay my debts I end up in more trouble. I don't know how to deal with it how to repay it. The creditors start to call me every day. One day one of my colleagues told me someone came to see you and I asked him who, he told me a guy from one of the banks who you owe some money. I began to panic coming days they started to target me more and more. I started to have more of a health issues lack of sleep and high blood pressure. At this case one of my friend from Nigeria called me up and asked what happen to you are not seen anywhere, I told him about my problem and he told me why don't you consult with a debt management firm may be they can help you out. I haven't heard about such things Can they really help me out or will they be saying cant help you out?
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