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Men Need a Great Lawyer During a Divorce


Divorces can be very ugly affairs. Two people who once loved each other and planned on spending their lives together now want to destroy each other emotionally and financially. Some divorces go more smoothly than others. However, men need to do everything they can to protect themselves during divorce proceedings. Failure to do this could result in the man losing everything he has worked so hard to earn during his life. Therefore, it is in every man's best interest to secure the best and most skilled legal counsel he can find when divorce is inevitable. Here are several of the key reasons why men need to carefully select a great lawyer before heading to divorce court.

1. Divorce courts have a history of giving favorable settlements to women.

History does not lie. The simple fact is that women usually make out very well when a divorce is said and done. The process of divorce is set up for women to succeed. There are many reasons for this. One of the crucial factors is that many judges will automatically assume that a woman will always be a better parental figure than a man. Therefore, a man has one strike against him before he even sets foot inside the divorce court. Having a skilled divorce lawyer working for you will give you the representation you need to change the court's preconceived perception of your parenting abilities. Your lawyer will lay out all of your positive parental qualities so the judge can carefully consider them before issuing a ruling.

2. Men typically have much more to lose in a standard divorce proceeding.

Men make more money than women in the vast majority of marriages. There are many marriages where the woman does not earn any income at all. Therefore, the home, cars and all other major assets were bought using money the man earned. This means that the man has everything to lose and the woman has little or nothing to lose in divorce court. Women are typically awarded alimony after a divorce. They can also be awarded ownership of many valuable assets that were paid for completely by the man. You have worked your entire life to be able to buy your assets. You need to have a lawyer who can fight to protect these assets for you. There are some judges who will award a woman a percentage of her ex-husband's future income. The court makes a guess at how much the man will earn in the future and he must pay a percentage of that total. Cordell and Cordell has a long history of helping men to protect their assets during a divorce.

3. You need to get custody of your children.

It goes without saying that child custody usually gets awarded to women in the vast majority of divorce cases. Men usually do not get custody unless the woman has been proven to be an unfit mother. A law firm like Cordell Cordell can help a man secure partial or full custody of his children. A man should not be unfairly separated from his children after a divorce just because of his gender. Men need to hire a lawyer who will be able to stand up for their parental rights in divorce court. 

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