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Can I Sue Uber or Lyft After a Car Accident?


 The popular ride-sharing apps, Uber and Lyft, have created the modern taxi with the millions of subscribed drivers. These independent contracts between programs and drivers leave a few discrepancies when it comes to getting in an accident. 

Prescribing a fault is very detailed oriented, with the drive settings of the Uber and Lyft driver being the major telling point. Both services will not let a driver sign-up for their program without first undergoing a detailed background check that ensures they possess a certain level of car insurance.

Below is a detailed look at what would happen if you were involved in an accident while riding with Uber and Lyft.

Navigating Clauses

Since both of these driving services have rosters that reach above the million marks, it is difficult to sue the company outright. Their drivers are independent contractors, meaning that they are contracted by the driving service. This contract binds them to certain legal agreements, keeping their own car insurance as the main coverage option.

If you get in a car accident, the first step that these driving services would look at would be the driver's application settings. If they are actively within the driving mode, the at-fault party would first utilize their insurance to cover an accident. If the amount of coverage fails to meet the needs of the party involved in the accident, Uber or Lyft would step in to cover the remainder of the fees.

If A driver does not have their application settings in the proper drive mode and they are to cause an accident, this driver would be legally at-fault and would have to cover all legal fees associated with an accident. It is somewhat of a slippery slope to navigate for the person involved in an accident.

Both Uber and Lyft ensure that they will cover any extra fees that are not met by an insurance deductible, which can create ease of mind for the involved party.

Suing a Driver

The only instance where suing a driver would become an option would be if the at-fault party's insurance does not cover all damages. It is nearly impossible to sue the driving programs, as they have limited legal ties to this kind of situations.

The driver signs a contract that keeps them bound to legal proceedings and fees should they be the cause of an accident. There would be no instance that would cause someone to sue under terms of uninsured motorist coverage because these drivers are not allowed to create contracts without having some form of personal injury insurance coverage.

There are instances of an accident where insurance companies won't cover under their agreement terms.

For example, additional coverage may be needed to sew up the mental and traumatic damages that come from an accident. If the driver does not have a personal injury clause written into their coverage option, suing them might be the best bet to ensure you recover all of your damages caused by the accident.

More times than not, Uber and Lyft would step in to cover these fees and would impose heavy bills to the at-fault driver at a later time.

New Jersey
With all of the hustle and bustle involved in the compacted state of New Jersey, these occurrences are more common. Your Hackensack NJ car accident lawyer should work tirelessly to ensure you reach a full settlement for your damages after facing an accident.

If you are found within the state when one of these situations presents itself, research the New Jersey car accident lawyer within your area to ensure you reach a top-dollar settlement for your incurred losses and legal fees.

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