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The Supreme Court upheld a law Wednesday that extended U.S. copyright protection to books, musical compositions and other works by foreign artists that had been available without paying royalties. The justices said in a 6-2 decision Wednesday that Congress acted within its power to give protection to works that had been in the public domain. The law's challengers complained that community orchestras, academics and others who rely on works that are available for free have effectively been priced out of performing "Peter and the Wolf" and other pieces that had been mainstays of their repertoires. The case concerned a 1994 law that was intended to bring the U.S. into compliance with an international treaty on intellectual property. The law made copyright protection available to foreign works that previously could not have been copyrighted. The court ruled in 2003 that Congress may extend the life of a copyright. Wednesday's decision was…
This is the first in a series of articles on the Slaughterhouse Cases and Citizenship under the Constitution of the United States. The second article is "Slaughterhouse Cases, Up Close." Two additional articles complete this series; they are "Two Citizens Under The Constitution (revised)" and "Privileges and Immunities of a Citizen of the several States." All are written to give to the reader clarity as well as authority regarding the Slaughterhouse Cases and Citizenship under the Constitution of the United States.About this article:Much has been written on the Slaughterhouse Cases. Decided in 1873, this case is still controversial today as when it was made public on April 14, 1873.What may not be known is that the Supreme Court also decided that because of the Fourteenth Amendment there were now two citizens under the Constitution of the United States; a citizen of the United States and a citizen of the several…
It was just last Saturday that two light rail trains in San Francisco crashed into one another at a boarding platform in the West Portal station. The accident injured approximately 50 people, possibly more. It seems that the first train crashed into the second train just as it was coming out from under a tunnel. Of the nearly 50 people that were injured, it has been confirmed that four of them have sustained severe injuries. Approximately half of the remaining injuries were moderate while the other half were minimal.Unfortunately, this train accident is not the first that has occurred in the United States this year. In fact, it's one of several that have happened over the course of just a few months. The most deadly accident of the year occurred at the end of June when a moving train crashed into a stationary train in the Washington DC Metro station.…
Bullying is a very serious and growing problem for young people, especially with the increase in communications technology giving bullies easier access to their prey.Recognizing that “ground zero” for bullying activities is the school, Michigan has recently passed Act 241, the main provision of which is a mandate that all school districts have anti-bullying policies in place by the end of the 2011-2012 school year.Over the last several years, as studies showed that bullying and cyber-bullying were proliferating at a rapid pace, the Michigan legislature and administration repeatedly considered and reconsidered what to do about it.When anti-bullying legislation failed in 2010, there was a sense that its chances might be very slim in 2011. But it got new life when Gov. Rick Snyder prioritized it as part of his April education reform plan.Upon signing the bill into law Dec. 6, 2011, Gov. Snyder said, “This legislation sends a clear message…
The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that disputes between consumers and companies that issue low-rate credit cards to people with bad credit ratings can be handled in business-friendly arbitration, rather than federal court. The justices voted 8-1 to reverse a federal appeals court ruling allowing consumers to sue in federal court, the latest in a string of recent high court decisions in favor of arbitration. The consumers said they were promised an initial $300 in available credit, but were charged $257 in fees in the first year they had the credit card. But the court, with only Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissenting, agreed with the companies' argument that the dispute must be settled through arbitration, under an agreement that the customers signed to receive the card. The federal Credit Repair Organizations Act, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996, says consumers have a right to sue, which the federal appeals court…
It was last October that a public bus that was on its way to the Colusa County Casino resort flipped over into a ditch and killed 10 of its passengers. An 11th passenger died several months later because of injuries sustained during the accident. The bus held approximately 41 passengers, virtually all of which were elderly immigrants of Mexico going to the casino for a routine gambling trip. For the first time since the accident, the driver of the bus has made a public statement regarding his involvement in the deaths of the 11 passengers.The bus driver recently wrote a letter to Sacramento's Modesto Bee. In it he assured the families of the deceased victims of his regret regarding the fate of their loved ones. He also expressed his deepest apologies, but stated that he did not believe he should be charged with manslaughter. Many families of the victims disagree…
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