Vandalism Crimes – Penalties, Prevention And Types

Vandalism is a much more serious crime than what many think at the moment. In most communities and countries this is seen as wilful or malicious destruction of public or private property without property owner consent. By some people vandalism is considered as being just a prank. That is definitely incorrect. According to experienced Orlando federal crimes lawyer, vandalism costs millions of dollars in taxpayer money to counteract. Vandalizing property penalties range in severity based on damage reason and damage caused.

The criminal that is convicted for vandalism can end up paying fines that would go as high as $250,000. Community service can also be ordered and there are cases in which incarceration of up to 1 year appears. In fact, this is quite common. Felony or misdemeanor can appear and would be punished based on how much vandalism was done. When vandalism appears because of the race, color, ancestry, sexual preference, religion, national origin or disability of an individual, the result will surely be a felony charge. Restitution can be specifically ordered, including property replacement and necessary labor.

Main Punishable Vandalism Types

There are so many different vandalism types that are punishable by various laws all around the world. The really common ones are:

  • Broken windows
  • Property theft
  • Arson
  • Graffiti
  • Leaflets posting
  • Library book damage
  • Playground equipment destruction
  • Beach facility destruction
  • Littering
  • Toilet papering a property
  • Egging a property
  • Campground vandalism

Federal Property Vandalism

Vandalism done to federal property is particularly severe. This brings in the highest possible fines and jail time. Common federal property vandalism cases include:

  • Monuments
  • National parks
  • Military venues
  • Historic sites
  • Mailboxes (both USPS and private)
  • Post offices

When Your Property Was Vandalized

Whether you suspect that the property was vandalized or you know that this happened, what is important is to always call the police to report what happened. Do not retaliate even if you know who the guilty party is. That is particularly vital since it can lead to many serious repercussions.

Preventing Vandalism

Just as with most crimes out there, prevention is something that is really important. It is always much easier to avoid such an unwanted situation than to deal with the damages. Remember that in many cases you would not be able to have someone pay for the repairs. Vandalism is not always solved. This is why you should always focus on prevention first and protect your properties.

When You Are Charged Or When You Are Vandalized

If you or your child were charged with vandalism or if your property was vandalized, what is important is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This is because the options that you have available will depend on the exact circumstances of your case.

Unfortunately, as long as there are people that see vandalism as pranks, various difficulties will go on in dealing with the problem. Vandalism victims will keep appearing. Many different changes like buying hi-tech steel locking mailbox system are available. Do consider them and work with attorneys when vandalism appears.

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