Whistleblower Protection Act Starting To Work In USA

When it comes to whistleblower statistics the truth is that not much is known. Unfortunately, we are at a relatively new level when referring to knowledge about the whistleblower protection act . The statistics below are bound to change that. They should be highlighted more and promoted so that employees would know that they have rights. Whistleblower Award Stats Ever since 1986 the government paid over $4 million to reported whistleblowers. The highest payout for one whistleblower was in 2012 under IRS for a huge payment of $104 million. Under the False Claims Act we had the highest payout offered for one individual of $96 million in 2010 to a whistleblower in the health care industry. Under the same act the highest payout was $170 million but it was split between a mortgage firm and 3 individuals. Zero reward is offered in 80% of the cases that are filed. According...
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