DUI Misconceptions That Should Be Dispelled

In the US, out of all the charges, DUI charges are among the really common. Prevalence is really high so it should come as no surprise to see that various DUI misconceptions appeared along the years. The law offices of Thomas, Webb, and Willis present the most common ones that they met from hundreds of past clients. These are the ones nobody should believe. Different Foods Or Drinks Diminish Alcohol Effect There are way too many that think they can remove alcohol impairment by simply splashing water on the face or by drinking coffee. Such food and drink related tactics can help people remain awake and not fall asleep while driving, but impairment levels are not going to be influenced. Drinking effects do take time in order to wear off. It is Possible To Measure BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) Alone There are many that think they have the ability to...
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