Disputing Credit Card Chargebacks: Legal Recourse for Fraud

A chargeback is the consumer's last line of defense against fraud and other inappropriate credit card charges. Under state and federal law, credit card companies are required to offer chargebacks to consumers for disputed charges. Chargebacks are essentially refunds for consumers with valid disputes against charges on their credit cards. Chargebacks can be initiated for two main reasons: billing errors and claims and defenses. Chargebacks on Billing Errors Mistakes can and do happen in the retail sector. A credit card company may mistakenly charge you twice for a product or service, or a business may charge you for something you didn’t order. When billing errors occur, you can file for a chargeback and dispute the charge. Billing errors, under law, may include: Charges for goods or services delivered late Charges for items that were never received Unauthorized charges Charges for items other than those purchased Math errors Failure to post...
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