Suspect in Fatal DUI Crash Tells Police He Had “Five or Six Beers” Before Driving

Enter your text Driving after you have been drinking is never a good idea. All across the country, drunk driving is responsible for numerous injuries and fatalities.

St. Patrick's Day is well-known as a party day, and those who hit the roads are usually advised to be overly cautious and aware of inebriated drivers. While there are plenty of sober driving, Uber, and taxi services to ensure people get home safe from a night on the town, some people simply refuse to believe they are incapable of driving. Michael Spinale of Boston is no exception.

Extreme Speeds Involved

Witnesses claim Spinale was driving at least 100 mph on I-95 when he rear-ended a cab that was traveling at approximately 75 mph. The taxi driver sustained minor injuries, but his passenger, Kailash Bolar of East Greenwich, was killed.

According to Massachusetts State Police, when asked if he had been drinking, Spinale stated, "of course I did, it's St. Patrick's Day." Spinale failed his field sobriety test and tried to blame the taxi driver for stopping on I-95. The taxi driver told both him and investigators that he did not stop; Spinale simply crashed into him on the road. Spinale has been charged with speeding, operating under the influence, and vehicular homicide.

A Tragic Loss

Kailash Bolar immigrated to the United States with his family just a few years ago. He is described by friends as a dedicated family man who loved and was devoted to his wife and daughter. The taxi driver had just picked him up at Logan International Airport and was taking him home when the accident occurred.

Boston Car Crash Attorneys

When accidents like this happen, it's important that the person responsible be held accountable—not only for the victims, but also to possibly prevent the same accident from happening in the future.

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