Legalizing marijuana - pros and cons


Despite the criminal liability for the cultivation and spread of cannabis in the most countries of the world, the marijuana market becomes bigger every year as more and more people start smoking this kind of drug. At the same time, marijuana is an active anesthetic that is used in medicine. Toronto DUI experts state that legalizing marijuana has been raised the issue of driving under influence in many states of the US and around the world.

In many countries, young people and adults like indulging into smoking dope as a part of an active pastime. The authorities tried to fight with this problem, but without success. After all, the process of manufacturing and selling marijuana is beyond control, since almost every city or even district has its own clans, whose employees are engaged in the cultivation and selling of marijuana. Obviously, they do not want to leave this profitable niche.

Smoking cannabis is considered to be normal phenomena in such countries as Mexico, Belgium and Germany. It is allowed to smoke, produce and sell marijuana in small doses, and use it in medicine. You can smoke freely in ten countries - Australia and Argentina, in the UK, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Curative properties of cannabis are used in Canada, Switzerland, Israel and in 12 states of America.

Pros of legalizing marihuana:

Profit. With the legalization of marijuana, the country gets additional revenue from the sale of this drug.

The fall of crime. It is stated that in some countries the level of violent crimes has decreased by 10% because of the legalization of marijuana.

Increase of the tax revenue. The part of the money collected from the official sale of marijuana will be given to hospitals, state schools and other special facilities that require financing.

Decrease of the number of unemployed citizens. Thanks to the rapid growth of the hemp industry, it can be predicted that more than thousands new jobs will be available for employees engaged in the marijuana business.

Cons of legalizing marihuana:

Negative impact. Narcologists are categorically against the legalization of marijuana. They say that unlike tobacco, it is a strong psychotropic substance. Smoking cannabis causes addiction, and worst of all it leads to irreversible psychological disorders. It can be dangerous for adolescents especially as if they start using psychoactive substances such as marijuana at an early age, it can lead to a maldevelopment of the nervous system, which results in mental disorders.

The absence of places for the consumption of cannabis. The most important problem in the existing legalization system, which puzzles tourists especially, is that marijuana can be purchased freely, but it is not allowed to smoke it anywhere you want.

It is possible to legalize marijuana, but exclusively for the needs of medicine - it is an effective drug and often indispensable in severe cases as an anesthesia.

Since marijuana is legalized in many cities of the North America, keep in mind that you can be stopped by the police and accused of drug abuse, therefore it is necessary to find good DUI lawyers.

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