Infant Dies After Babysitter Is Unable to Reach 911 Due to T-Mobile Glitch

Smartphone technology is still an imperfect science. For all that we're now able to do, software and hardware alike are both still far from infallible. This is an unfortunate lesson one babysitter was tragically forced to learn first-hand after she was unable to reach 911 due to a T-Mobile glitch.

A Tragic Accident

Six-month-old Brandon Alex suddenly began experiencing breathing difficulty halfway through a session with his babysitter after accidentally falling from a daybed in his home. His babysitter, who isn't being named out of respect, immediately attempted to call 911 only to be left on hold for over half an hour. She then repeatedly dialed back in but was still unable to get through.

Now frantic because the child was slipping away in front of her, the sitter telephoned Brandon's mother to explain. The mother rushed home and took him to the hospital and then moved him to yet another hospital. Unfortunately for the desperate mother, Alex was already gone.

T-Mobile Claims Actions Taken

Investigators revealed that the sitter's inability to reach 911 stems from a T-Mobile glitch that produces ghost calls, tying up the lines and preventing access for minutes and hours at a time. The tech giant was quick to assert that they were working on the problem, but others claim that the issue has been in existence for some time now—at least since November 2016. Investigators aren't sure whether the glitch could be tied to other deaths as a result of being unable to connect with 911.

T-Mobile claims to be escalating the issue to their highest-level technicians and is now promising to see the problem resolved quickly. For little Brandon Alex, that fix comes just a little too late.

Houston Wrongful Death and Product Liability Attorneys

In any event, cell phone users should feel confident that when they need to make a phone call as important as a 911 emergency call that their phone won't prevent them from doing so. In this case and any others that resulted in injury or death because of the glitch, victims might be entitled to compensation in a product liability case.

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