Hire a Probate Lawyer to Plan Your Estate

Probate is a process, which deals with the distribution of a deceased person’s wealth or estate. This is a complicated legal procedure. If the person dies with a valid will, the process becomes slightly easier. However, if there is no valid will, the court takes the responsibility of the distribution.


In case of valid will, the executor will take charge of the distribution of property. He/she will have to find out about all debt, the deceased has left behind. This is required to be paid before anything else. After this the matter of settling unpaid tax arises. When everything is settled, the executor distributes the remaining property among the heirs.


In case of an invalid will or if someone dies without one, the court selects the executor and finds out who should legally inherit the property.


This sounds easy. However, this is not the case. Most of the times, some legal trouble arises and complicates the process even more. This is the reason you should seek help from an estate planning lawyer Chicago, specialized in probate law.  This is necessary especially when you are having properties in different states or different countries. With a competent lawyer by your side, there will be minimum chance of arising any legal complication. 

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