Dead Bat in Salad Mix Leads to Walmart Recall

The last thing you expect to find in a bag of pre-mixed salad is a bat—a dead one. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to two people in Florida. Even worse, they were already eating the salad when the decomposing body of the bat was found.

Recall Issued

Walmart has begun a recall of Everfresh Express salad mixes due to the bat being found in a box of Organic Marketside Spring Mix. While it is possible that rabies can be transferred to humans from dead animal body parts, the danger is minimal. Thankfully, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was already having the bat tested for rabies, as well as investigating how it got into the packaging in the first place. The bad news is that due to the deteriorated state of the bat, the CDC was unable to confirm or deny that the bat had rabies.

Along with the CDC, the Florida Department of Health is investigating how the bat got into the packaging. States that are affected by this product recall include Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Virginia. The product in question is in a five-ounce clear container with a best by date of April 14, 2017.

The two unlucky people who found the bat have started treatment for rabies under the recommendation of the CDC. As of now, they are both in good health and show no signs of the disease.

A Real Risk

While eating healthy isn't always easy, this incident certainly made it a little more difficult. It's possible that without this recall, serious illness or injury could have affected a large number of unsuspecting people.

Baton Rouge Product Liability Attorneys

When it comes to product recalls and product liability cases, it takes qualified attorneys to ensure that the public gets justice. Most problems with dangerous products aren't found so quickly and can lead to long-term health concerns and injuries.

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