Christian debt consolidation loan

Are you crushed under the heavy burden of debt? Do you believe that you’re serving your creditors instead of God? If yes, you could take the help of a Christian debt consolidation loan to come out of your debt problems. These loans are almost similar to general debt relief programs that help debtors eliminate their debts. Debt consolidation companies function on the values of integrity, sincerity and truthfulness. This provides the debtors with a sharp sense of self-belief in their services.


The best way to avoid the requirement of a debt consolidation loan is to handle your funds in accordance to the biblical principles. There are numerous verses in the Bible that discourage debt; Romans 13:8 and Proverbs 22:7 to mention only a few. While Romans 13:8 states that nobody should owe anything to one another except love, Proverbs 22:7 affirms that the rich rules over the underprivileged and the borrower is servant to the creditor. Try every possible means to avoid getting into debt. Once you are successful in doing this, you will have worked out your debt problem even before it initiates.


The intention of a debt consolidation loan is to help you pay off your debts so that you can save cash and make a single monthly payment. These loans are normally given at a much lower rate of interest than credit cards and other loans. The debtor makes his payments to the debt consolidation company. The amount of these payments is generally small, and due to lower interest rates the debtor can pay off the debt more quickly and affordably than he would have had he possessed the other liabilities.

Expert insight

Obtaining a loan to pay off your existing debt is a fine idea if you have received a lesson on handling your money efficiently. According to Dave Ramsey, financial expert, a debt consolidation loan will only lead a person to further debt if he doesn’t amend his spending practices. He is of the view that a person must change his or her spending habits before considering debt consolidation loans.


Obtaining a debt consolidation loan is a wonderful way to get your finances on track. Working with somebody can help you manage your finances in a much better way. Moreover, creditors are often interested to work with you when they discover that you are working with a debt-consolidation company. You might also receive a discount on your interest rate or monthly payment. 

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