How to Administer a Workplace Drug Testing Policy in South Carolina

In an earlier post, we addressed marijuana use and touched on drug testing policies in the workplace. While having a drug testing policy is required of some employers and merely suggested for others, enacting the policy is properly is crucial to the ensuring the company’s employees and clients are safe and that the company is protecting itself from liability as best it can.Why Test for Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace?Drug and alcohol testing can prevent the hiring or continued employment of people in safety-sensitive or security-sensitive positions who may harm themselves or others if using or abusing drugs or alcohol. Some insurance companies may require drug and alcohol testing policies to offer liability insurance policies to businesses. If a business is a certified South Carolina drug-free workplace, it may be eligible for a 5% credit on worker’s compensation insurance premiums. Drug-free workplaces can see a reduction in absenteeism, accidents, theft,...
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