Memorandum of Lease

THIS MEMORANDUM OF LEASE is made by ________________________, Lessor, whose address is _____________________________________________________and _____________________________________________________, Lessee, whose address is _____________________________________________________.

W I T N E S S E T H:

The parties hereto entered into a written Lease Agreement dated ________________ (Date), for the premises known and designated as _______________________________ (Address), consisting of ________________________________ together with all appurtenant rights, privileges and easements, for a term of _____________ (Number) years running from and including the date of __________________ (Date), through and including the ___________ (Date), in which the Lessee shall have the right and option to renew said lease for ________ with additional _______ year periods upon the same terms and conditions, for a total rental period, including extensions and renewals, of ______ years.

The parties hereto have set their hands and seals, this the ______ day of __________________, _____.



WITNESS my hand and seal, this the ______ day of _________________, _____.

My Commission Expires: ___________________

Notary Public ____________________________