Continue Care Reverse of Living Will

The State of _____ decided when it passed a living will law that it would not only pass a law allowing persons to limit their medical care, but they would also allow persons to make a statement that they wanted all possible medical care even if their cases were terminal. This form provides that if your wish is that all possible medical care be given, that this is done. There is an option to state you are revoking a prior living will. You may complete one of these forms, even if you don't live in __________.


I, [Name], desire to make aware that after mature reflection, and, being aware of the right under the law to decline life-sustaining treatment, that I wish, should I ever be unable to make decisions for myself concerning my medical treatment that I receive life sustaining treatment even after a terminal diagnosis, even if the life prolonging treatment will delay the natural process of dying.

I have previously made a "living will" or other document expressing a desire contrary to that specified herein, and by this document I herewith revoke the same.

Dated: ____________.

Declarant ____________________

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