Offer for the Purchase Of Real Property

To __________________________


The undersigned hereby offers ___________Dollars ($ ) for the purchase of the

property located at _________________________________________and more particularly described as:


This offer is contingent on the following terms:

1. ___________________ Dollars ($ ) shall be paid as a deposit, with the remaining balance to be paid as follows:



2. Rents, taxes, insurance, expenses of operation and maintenance shall be prorated as of close of escrow.

3. The seller shall furnish a policy of title insurance.


Enclosed is cashier's check #________ on _____________________________(bank) for __________________ Dollars ($ ) representing my offer of a deposit.


This offer is withdrawn if not accepted by ___________(date). If you do not accept this offer on or before said date, you are instructed to return the deposit immediately.


Title shall be conveyed by warranty deed to _____________________________ (name) and ________________________________ (name) as ______________________________ (joint tenants, tenants in common, etc.)











I accept the attached offer for the purchase of real property. Receipt of ___________ Dollars ($ ) is acknowledged as a deposit.