Sublease Agreement

This sublease is between _________ (Tenant) and __________________ (Subtenant).

Pursuant to said sublease agreement, ________ (Subtenant) hereby agrees to lease the following premises at : (Address and Describe) commencing on ______ , 20 _ and terminating on _____ 20 __.

_______ (Subtenant) agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of original lease entered into by _________ (Tenant) and _________ (Landlord) on _______ , 20 _. The original lease agreement and all terms and conditions thereof is hereby incorporated by reference into said sublease agreement __________ (Subtenant) agrees to pay __________ (Landlord) the monthly rent stated in the original lease, which is $ ___ .

_______ (Subtenant) agrees to pay __________ (Tenant)a security deposit in the sum of $ _____ due upon the signing of said sublease agreement. Said deposit shall be returned to _________ (Subtenant) provided said premises are returned to ______ (Tenant) in the same condition received, to the extent reasonable possible. Inventory of items that were in the above-described property on _____ , 20_, includes the following:

If any items are missing or damaged, _______ (Subtenant) hereby agrees to replace or reimburse said items for __________ (Tenant).

_______ (Landlord) hereby grants permission to this sublease and agrees to promptly notify _________ (Tenant) at ___________ (Address and Phone Number) if ________ (Subtenant) defaults in this agreement. Nothing herein shall constitute a release of _______ (Tenant) who shall remain bound and wholly liable under all terms and conditions of this lease.

Dated: ______________