Residential Rental Agreement

1. Duration.

This rental agreement begins as 12:01 a.m. on [DATE] and continues as follows: [DESCRIPTION OF TERM OF AGREEMENT] .

2. Parties.

This agreement is between [LANDLORD] referred to as "landlord", and [RENTER] referred to as "renter". Even if there is more than one landlord or renter, the parties will be referred to in the singular.

3. Description.

Landlord agrees to rent to renter, and renter agrees to rent from landlord, the residence described as [DESCRIPTION OF RESIDENCE] .

4. Rent

The total amount of the rent for this rental agreement shall be $[AMOUNT] payable as follows: [DESCRIPTION OF PAYMENT TERMS]. Rent is payable to the landlord at [ADDRESS] .

5. Liens and encumbrances.

Renter agrees not to allow any liens or encumbrances to attach to the property during the term of this agreement.

6. Occupants and pets.

No more than [NUMBER OF ADULTS] adults, and [NUMBER OF CHILDREN] children shall occupy the property. No more than [NUMBER OF PETS] shall occupy the property as pets. The renter shall use the rented property as a residence only.

7. Violation of laws.

Renter shall not violate any city ordinance, state law, or other law in or about the property.

8. Subletting.

Any attempt by renter to sublet, assign, or in any way transfer the property, any part of the property, or the renter's rights in this agreement without the landlord's prior written consent is void.

9. Termination.

Either party may terminate this agreement as follows: [DESCRIPTION OF TERMINATION TERMS] . If however, either party breaches any provision of this agreement, the non-breaching party shall have all the rights allowed by state law, including the right to terminate this rental agreement if allowed by state law, and pursue any remedies allowed by law. Upon termination of this tenancy, the renter agrees to promptly and peacefully surrender the premises to landlord.

10. Maintenance.

Renter shall maintain the property in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. Renter shall not do anything on the property that will make voidable, or increase the premium for, landlord's insurance on the property. Renter shall not make any alterations to the property or change the locks on the property without the prior written consent of the landlord. At the termination of the tenancy, renter shall surrender the property to landlord in as good a condition as when received, except for ordinary wear and tear.

11. Representations and utilities.

Landlord represents to renter that landlord owns the property being rented and has the right to rent this property to renter. Landlord also represents that renter shall have the quiet enjoyment of the property during the period of this rental agreement, and that the property is habitable. Landlord further agrees to supply utilities capable of producing hot and cold running water and adequate heating for the property. The parties will pay for utilities and repairs as follows:

12. Liability for damages.

Renter agrees to assume all liability for, and hold landlord harmless from, all damages to people or property caused by renter, renter's family, or renter's guests on any part of the property. "Damages" includes any costs and attorney's fees that the landlord incurs in defending any lawsuit or other action.

13. Expenses.

If either party incurs any expenses to enforce any provision of this agreement, including reasonable attorney's fees, either before or after either party begins an action in a court, the losing party in the suit or action, or the party defaulting on this agreement if there is no suit or action, shall pay the other party's expenses and reasonable attorney's fees, including attorney's fees at trial and on any appeal of any suit or action.

14. Owner.

The owner(s) of this property is/are [OWNER(s) NAME(S)] whose address(es) is/are [ADDRESS(ES) OF OWNERS] and whose telephone number(s) is/are [PHONE NUMBER(S)] .

The address to be used for sending notices to the landlord required by this agreement is [ADDRESS] .

The manager(s) of the property is/are [MANAGER(S)] and whose address(es) is/are [ADDRESS(ES)] and whose telephone number(s) is/are [PHONE NUMBER(S)]. Renter can call the following telephone number in case of an emergency: [EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER] .

The address to which the landlord should send notices to the renter is [RENTER'S MAILING ADRESS] .

15. Mortgages.

Renter agrees that this rental agreement is subordinate to all existing mortgages and other encumbrances on this property at the time of signing this rental agreement. The renter also agrees that during the term of this rental agreement the landlord may place mortgages or other encumbrances on the property, as long as they do not interfere with renter's use of the property.

16. Access.

Renter shall allow landlord reasonable access to the rented property to inspect the property or to repair any portion of the property. Landlord must exercise this right of access reasonably, and shall not use it to harass the renter in any way. Landlord shall give the renter reasonable notice before inspecting or repairing the property.

17. Insurance on personal property.

Renter acknowledges that landlord is not responsible for insuring any of renter's personal property.

18. Destruction - eminent domain.

Landlord and renter agree that in the event more than half of the property being rented is destroyed by fire or other loss, or is taken by eminent domain, this rental agreement shall become void at the option of either the landlord or the renter.

19. Complete agreement.

This is the complete and final agreement of the parties regarding rental of the property described in this agreement. This agreement replaces any prior written or oral agreements regarding this property.

20.Security deposit.

Landlord and renter make the following agreement regarding a security deposit: [DESCRIPTION AND AMOUNT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT].

21. Additional Provisions.


22. Satisfaction with property.

Renter agrees that renter has personally inspected the property and finds it satisfactory at the time of signing this agreement. The parties agree that they have both read all the provisions contained in this agreement. The parties agree that they have not made any promises that this agreement does not contain.

23. Execution of rental agreement.

The parties have signed two originals of this agreement on [DATE] at [CITY, STATE] .

By signing this agreement, each party acknowledges receipt of one original agreement.