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Consumer Rights: The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) allows you several vital things to fix bad credit and to improve your credit rating. Many people are NOT aware of there legal rights and how to use them to put their financial state back in order, for example:

(1) Your legal right to know what your credit history and credit records reveal

(2) your right to be informed by a credit bureau of the type, substance and areas (excepting for medical and investigative sources) of information that has been collected and kept on file about you.

(3) your right to know the name and address of. . . "the credit agency which is responsible for preparing a credit report used to deny you credit." This also applies to refusing you insurance or employment and/or to dramactically lift the cost of your insurance rate or credit.

(4) your right to "a free copy of your credit report if you where denied available credit, and usually this refusal is due (or, at least in part) to your credit record information. But one important thing you should remember is.. . "Requests For A Free Copy Should Be Requested Within 1 Month Of Receipt Of The Notice Of Refusal".

(5) Your right to review your credit report at the credit bureau in person, by telephone or by first class mail.

(6) your right to take somebody along with you to investigate and review your personal file when you visit a credit bureau personally.

(7) your right to have investigated within a specific time period any and ALL details on file regarding your credit record that you wish to dispute.
(8) your right to have false details wiped off your credit record in the event a credit bureau investigation discovers any information about you or your credit history inaccurate.

(9) your right to have all negative marks deleted if the credit bureau is unable to verify it through its internal investigation.

(10) your right to have the credit bureau inform you at NO cost to you individuals you have named who had in the past reviewed the "incorrect or incomplete" details in your credit file, and that these remarks have been removed or changed.

(11) your right to know who likely has a copy of your credit report for credit-granting purposes.

(12) your right to know the names of everybody who has viewed your credit record (over the last 14 months) for employment purposes.

(13) your right to include a brief written statement to become a positive notation of your credit record telling your side of any difference of opinion that cannot be resolved.
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