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California Lemon law - Car Buybacks - California Lemon law Cars

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Are you the one who purchased the used car from the dealer auctions?

If so, be careful in purchasing the car in auctions. They may sell it because of some major problem.

California lemon cars are bought back by manufacturers if is under warranty and if it has any critical or chronic defects. It has a labeling law, which requires car title to be branded with the label "lemon". The California lemon law is very useful to prevent the manufacturers from reselling the lemon cars to dealers. Not all states requires the cars to be labeled as lemon as implemented in California.

In this article I would like to discuss the lemon law case of Fran Fontanez. Two years back, Fran Fontanez and his wife saw an advertisement from the dealer Cold Brook Saab of Skowhegans, Maine and bought 2003 Saab 9-3 with 21,000 miles which had a full factory warranty.

Fontanez paid $17,000 for this voluntary buyback car. Every thing went smooth for few days. But after the first few days the car had to undergo subsequent repairs of 17 times covering $9,800 in bills by the end of March 2007, which was covered under the car's warranty. Then at 44,000 miles the engine failed and he took the car to the showroom to return it back. The dealer informed that it was the engine problem not the transmission problem and he was not ready to take the car back.

Then Fontanez started to research the car's history, tracking its original papers and found that it was a "Lemon buyback", meaning it has recurring defects. At last he filed a case to get back the money he invested, which has sat unused in his garage for more than a year.

In this case, Fontanez says that the car dealer has not informed him about the used car that was branded as a lemon in California. Due to this the attorneys of Cold Brook Saab, the dealership has dismissed the case saying that, they have met all of Maine's legal requirements in this case.

The issue of this case has brought attention to some of the attorneys and consumers, who says that state laws need further amendments to protect consumers. This is because Maine has no such law. So be vigilant before you buy any used car from the dealer, from the owners or, in auction and protect yourself with the consumer rights.

There are some things to look into, before you buy any used car. First thing is why they are selling the car and make sure that he isn't selling it because of some major car problem. Secondly see whether used car needs any repair so that you can determine if it is even worth pursuing it. Finally see for mileage, to find out a real value on used car and make sure it is not a lemon buyback by reviewing the complete history of car, which might help you in protecting your consumer rights.

For having a case review of such used car lemon buy back problem in your state or any information visit www.Yourlemonlawrights.com, where you can resolve your claim with the manufacturer at no cost to you and even get compensated.

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