Swimming Pool Service Agreement

This Agreement is executed on this _____________ day of _____________ 20 _, between _________________ of ___________________ hereinafter referred to as SERVICE PERSONNEL, and (Mr./Mrs.) ________________ of ________________ hereinafter referred to as OWNER.
Agreement and Service as follows:
The following tasks will be performed by SERVICE PERSONNEL on a (weekly/monthly) basis and will include items:
01. Test water for chemical balance.
02. Back wash filter and reload.
03. Supply chlorine, acid and soda ash.
04. Skim Pool.
05. Brush tile and walls.
06. Check and/or adjust time clock.
07. Vacuum Pool.
08. Clean skimmer & pump basket.
09. Light heater pilot.
10. Report malfunctions to owner.
OWNER agrees that the following are provided by SERVICE PERSONNEL at an extra cost (prices for these services will be given verbally or on statement before work is carried out) to the above standard service procedures:
* Drain and acid wash pool (no set period - approximately every one to five years).
* Disassemble and clean filter plus add D.E. (twice a year as noted on statement).
* Conditioning of pool, add a stain inhibitor (once a year).
* Test and correct water stabilization for chlorine retention (once or twice a year).
SERVICE PERSONNEL will repair the pool equipment at a cost of $XX. XX per hour, not including parts. SERVICE PERSONNEL will provide a written estimate prior to any commencement of work repairs.
OWNER agrees that (he/she) will be billed on the 15th of each month so that the account may be paid by the 15th of the following month.
Accounts not paid by the 15th will be subject to service curtailment unless prior arrangements have been made.
This Pool Maintenance Agreement is effective on the day and date and day as first written above and will continue in effect for a period of (XXX months).
OWNER must notify SERVICE PERSONNEL of any cancellation of the service in writing (XX Days) prior to the next scheduled service day. Upon cancellation, the unearned portion of any advance payment will be credited to the OWNER.
Signed: ______________________
Signed: ______________________
Dated: _______________