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Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

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In the state of California a drunk driving arrest is taken very seriously compared to other states. Driving Under the Influence, or "DUI" as it is most commonly known, can be treated like criminal offense depending on whether or not other people were involved and/or someone was injured or killed in an accident.

Contrary to popular belief, a DUI case is quite complex, which is why hiring a DUI lawyer is highly recommended. There are quite a few factors involved that can influence the outcome of a DUI case including:

1) Was the defendant on any medication?

2) What is the occupation of the defendant? It's been found that people in certain occupations are exposed to chemicals that could affect their B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Content) reading in a breath test. In California the legal limit is 0.08% and certain foods

3) Is the defendant on any special diet? Certain foods can alter the chemical makeup of a person's body, thus influencing a B.A.C. reading.

4) Was the breathalyzer device used by the police officer maintained properly?

These are just some of the things that should be looked into when doing research for your DUI case. An DUI lawyer who specializes in drunk driving cases is familiar with the DUI process and can assist you better than a regular criminal lawyer.

Maria Palma is a freelance writer committed to helping people with their San Diego DUI. Make sure to hire dedicated and experienced San Diego DUI lawyers.
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