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Five Things You Should Know If Youve Been Pulled Over For Drunk Driving

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Most people who are pulled over for drunk driving think that they're supposed to do what the police officer tells them to do. Although it is good to be respectful of law enforcement, at the same time you do have your rights as a citizen.

If you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, keep in mind these five things:

1. Everything you do or say will be noted by the police officer. You don't have to answer any of the officer's questions other than providing confirmation of your driver's license and address. If you are questioned, which is more than likely the case, you can tell the officer that you would prefer to answer questions when your lawyer is present.

2. If you are taken into custody, make sure that the officer(s) read you your Miranda Rights. If the police fail to read the Miranda Rights, the prosecutor can't use anything you say as evidence in court.

3. You do not have to perform field sobriety tests. These tests are done to determine your physical coordination and are used by the prosecution to build a case against you. You can politely decline to do these tests. Tell the officer that you are aware that these are optional tests and that you would prefer not to do them. You probably will be arrested regardless, but at least the prosecution won't have evidence to use against you.

4. Breath test machines are known to be inconsistent and unreliable, so just because you were registered at being over the legal limit (0.08% in most states), that doesn't mean your case is automatically lost.

5. If you are unsure of DUI laws and procedures in your state, it's probably in your best interest to hire a DUI defense lawyer to help you with your case.

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