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Can My California DUI Be Expunged?

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If you're charged with DUI in California, it's likely that your criminal record could be tarnished. There are certain cases, however, whereby a drunk driving charge could possibly be expunged if you've displayed proper behavior during your probation.

Every state has their definition of "expungement". However, generally speaking, an expungement means erasing or eliminating a DUI charge from your criminal record. Because DUI laws are different in each state, it's highly advisable to hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer to help you investigate your case and figure out what is the best approach for your particular situation.

If you live in California and your DUI is expunged, do not think that your record will be free and clear. If you are charged again for drunk driving within ten years, the first DUI incident could still be used as prior conviction. For example, if DUI charge #1 is expunged but later the person is charged charged again for drunk driving (#2), it could still be considered a second offense.

If your DUI is expunged in California, that means:

1. Your current DUI case will be dismissed by the court - meaning "it never happened".

2. You do not have disclose the DUI charge when you apply to a school or a job - with the exception of a government or state-related position.

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Maria Palma is a freelance writer helping people with information about drunk driving in Orange County. Make sure to hire a professional Orange County DUI lawyer if you've been arrested for drunk driving.
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