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Important Facts Concerning Minnesota DWI Laws

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The information contained in this article is about answers to some questions you may have concerning Minnesota DWI laws. It is not legal advice. If you have been arrested under DWI Minnesota laws and looking for DWI Minnesota Attorney, you should seek legal advice by retaining an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney who has handled DWI cases successfully in the state of Minnesota.
First and foremost you need to know if the police has the right and can it stop your vehicle for any reason. The police must have a valid and reasonable suspicion to stop your motor vehicle or car. Some examples of reasonable and valid sounding suspicion could be, Break light of your vehicle not working, driving at the speed of one mile an hour or crossing the permissible speed limit, swerving within your lane, crossing the center line, if the police notices some object hanging from your mirror, they can stop you, they can also stop you if you have got a sticker on your rear windshield
The next question - Is it okay to refuse the Test when you are being stopped by police on account of drunken driving? The answer is an absolute NO. In Minnesota State it is considered a crime to refuse to take test. By not taking the test you are getting yourself into another case nothing more. But you also do need to be aware and informed about the fact by refusing the test you may gain certain benefits if there was serious injury or death as a result of accident that you got into while you were driving under influence.
Do the Police have to read you your rights when they arrested you? The answer again is No, they don't have to. The police must read you your Miranda Rights before they start to interrogate you. If they don't ask you any questions, or plan to interrogate you then in that case their not having read the Miranda Rights to you can't help you. But again if the police interrogate you and do not read you your rights, you must inform this to your Minnesota DWI attorney who can use this in your favor in the court before the judge to suppress or not allow the Prosecutor to use anything you said.
How long will a DWI/DUI be on police record of an individual arrested? One DWI charge will reflect against you in the police records for the rest of your life. Unless of course you are pardoned, expunged or a `not guilty' verdict is received or the case has been dismissed. This is the reason why it's so important to fight a DWI and exert your rights.

There are many more questions that you may come to your mind when you or someone you know is arrested on DUI charges in Minnesota. Hiring a DWI Minnesota Lawyer will serve your purpose. DUI and DWI are considered criminal offense and the laws are harsh so its best to hire a DUI expert and experienced Minnesota lawyer as soon as you can.
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