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Dissolution of marriage

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Dissolution of marriage raises many concerns and issues that must be addressed and to which a satisfactory resolution must be found. In some cases, the relationship between the couple has deteriorated to the point that they are unable to work together in a cooperative manner to resolve these issues. This is not always the case, and some couples are able to reach mutually agreeable solutions to divorce issues. Regardless of the situation, when spouses in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California decide to enter into divorce proceedings retaining the services of an experienced San Jose Divorce Lawyer is recommended.

Divorcing spouses must determine how to divide personal, family and business assets. In addition to deciding how property will be divided, spouses must also determine child custody, child support, and spousal support. Divorcing spouses should be prepared to fully discuss the divorce situation and be prepared to offer solutions that will best fit the needs of the spouses and the children. The divorce agreement should take into account both the current and future interests and needs of the spouses and their family. A San Jose Divorce Lawyer can assist his or her clients in negotiating or mediating an agreeable divorce settlement when possible. If negotiation or mediation is not possible or fails to produce an agreement satisfactory to both parties, litigation will be the next step.

When divorcing spouses can work together with the help of a third party mediator, such as a San Jose Divorce Lawyer, to reach a divorce agreement both the spouses and the children benefit. Reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement through collaborative efforts can help maintain a positive relationship and open communication between spouses. Litigation creates an adversarial environment which can be damaging to the spouse's future relationship and harmful to the children. An attorney will work to negotiate, mediate, or litigate to the best interests of their clients.

It is important that the legal rights of both spouses are protected throughout the divorce process and that the divorce proceeds in both a timely and efficient manner. In San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, attorneys representing divorcing spouses want to ensure that the strategies and courses of action during the divorce process are based upon the specific needs of the spouses. Whether the marriage is dissolved through mediation, negotiation, or litigation, a San Jose Divorce Lawyer will work aggressively to make sure that the solutions to the spouse's financial and legal situations are both practical and effective.

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