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How To Reduce The Trauma and the Expense of a Divorce

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Divorce is costly. There is an emotional and psychological toll as well as the energy drain for even the most amicable dissolutions. Typically, the parties are also hurt and angry. Mix in some contentiousness and a desire to settle old scores and it can take years to get back what is paid out in overspent emotions.

Not to mention the financial cost. But, I must. Two people live more cheaply together than apart. After divorce, there are two mortgages and two homes to furnish, not to mention all the inefficiencies of buying just for one. But, I am ahead of myself. Before getting on with life, both parties have to pay their attorneys and these moneys come out of the "marital pot" that is divided...usually 50/50...between husband and wife.

Today, I'll discuss how to reduce the legal cost of the divorce, while also lessening the emotional and psychological pain. Many of these principles are incorporated into my unique method of divorce practice called the ConstructiveDivorce
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