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Asbestos attorney lawsuit mesothelioma settlement

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The first legal issues against asbestos producers was filed in 1929. The parties concerned resolved the lawsuit, and inclusive with the agreement, the mesothelioma attorneys decided not to further pursue the cases.

Then in the year 1960, there was an article written by Wagner et al and he was the first to formally established that mesothelioma cancers is a disease which arise from exposure to crocidolite asbestos. The article made reference to more than 30 cases of study of people who had been victims of mesothelioma cancers in South Africa. Some mesothelioma patients were exposed by transitory means and some were working in mines. In 1962 McNulty stated the first diagnosed incidence of malignant mesothelioma cancers in an Australian asbestos worker. The worker served at the asbestos mine in Wittenoom during 1948 to 1950.

In Wittenoom, mine waste containing asbestos were used to lay schoolyards and playgrounds. In 1965 a writer in the British Journal of Industrial Medicine ascertained that residents who reside in neighbourhoods of mines and factory of asbestos, who are not workers, had also become mesothelioma patients.

In spite of evidence that the dust related with asbestos mining causes asbestos associated disease, mining started at Wittenoom in 1943 and remained till 1966. In 1974 the first general threat of the dangers of blue asbestos was made public in a title story known as "Is this Killer in Your Home?" in Australia's Bulletin magazine. The Western Australian Government in 1978 now resolved to phase out Wittenoomthe town, after the Health Dept. published a book, "The Health Hazard at Wittenoom", in which the outcomes of air sampling and a worldwide medical information appraisal.

In 1979 the Asbestos Diseases Society was created to delineate the Wittenoom mesothelioma patients.

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