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From Prosecutor to Protector

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Provo, UT May 3, 2004 --- Robert Dowd has graduated with honors from Harvard, earned a Masters in Law, and won millions of dollars in medical malpractice claims against doctors. What convinced this mid-career attorney to quit suing doctors and begin teaching them how to protect themselves from lawyers?

"I saw a photograph in TIME magazine last year of a doctor holding a sign that said, 'Sick? Call a lawyer.' That image has stayed with me. All over the country, medical specialists are retiring early, relocating, and refusing to perform high-risk procedures. The problems of the medical community today are dwarfed by the prospect of our nation losing its standard of medical care." Dowd also cites the passing of his mother, a Registered Nurse of 50 years, as an impetus for the change in career.

Mr. Dowd made the switch from prosecution to protection earlier this year by joining the National Medical Foundation for Asset Protection located in Provo, Utah. Fellow attorney Jay W. Mitton, widely regarded as the 'Father of Asset Protection,' established the foundation as part of his 30-plus year effort to 'educate and protect as many doctors as possible from the devastating effects of lawsuits.'

Mr. Dowd now travels the country teaching physicians how to shield themselves from the very malpractice lawsuits he used to spearhead. Mitton calls him an "extraordinary and compelling voice for physicians everywhere." In his first month as a speaker, he has taken his message to medical meetings in California, New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, and Maryland.

Dowd focuses on teaching Asset Protection in his seminars, which in his experience, has proved a more practical and immediate solution to today's medical liability crisis than state legislated tort reform. He hopes his 'insider's perspective' on malpractice lawsuits will allow doctors "to use the current legal system and not be abused by it."

Robert Dowd may be reached for interview through Spencer Sessions, Media Relations at the National Medical Foundation for Asset Protection at 1-800-375-2453 ext. 405.
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