Objections to Granting of Application to Amend Zoning Ordinance

To: _________[appellate body, such as Board of Zoning Appeals] of the City of _________, State of _________.

The undersigned residents and taxpayers of the City of _________ and more particularly of the zone in which the amendment to _________[identification of ordinance] is to take effect, hereby strongly object to the granting of an application to amend the named ordinance by the _________[name of zoning authority] on _________[date], over our stated objections supported by oral testimony and documentation presented on the above date.

We object to the amendment for the following reasons:

1. The present zoning ordinance exists to prevent crowded conditions that prevail in sections where there are no such ordinances. Any variance that will allow one person to exceed the building limits will prove a detriment to the property of all.

2. Granting such a variance would open the way for other property owners to expect similar variances of the ordinances.

3. We feel that above-mentioned application should have been denied since a similar application by _________ was denied by the _________[zoning authority] on _________[date]. The application objected to does not set forth facts materially different from those in the application earlier denied. The laws of the State of _________ with respect to granting a variance such as this is that new conditions must have arisen since the first determination so as to constitute the application for amendment one based on a new state of facts. It is our position, thus supported, that the _________[zoning authority] has no right to grant this application.

Dated: _________