Community unit plans



Section 1. This area is established to include various types of development, such as single-family residences, multiple housing units, neighborhood and community shopping centers, professional and administrative areas, commercial service centers, and industrial parks and other uses or combination of uses which may be made appropriately a part of a planned unit development. This classification is established to allow flexibility of design which is in accordance with the objectives and spirit of the general plan.

Section 2. Planned unit development districts, or PUD districts, may be established or removed from the zoning map on the application of a property owner or owners, or on the initiative of the Planning Commission of the City of _________ or _________[specify other authorized agency, such as: The City Council] in accordance with the procedures set out in this ordinance.

Section 3. An application for the establishment of a PUD district shall be accompanied by a preliminary development plan which, if approved by the Planning Commission of the City of _________ and _________[the City Council], shall become a part of the zoning map of this city.

a. The preliminary development plan shall contain the following information:

(1) Proposed land uses;

(2) Location of buildings, structures and building groups;

(3) Proposed dwelling unit density in residential areas;

(4) Floor area ratios and maximum heights of the proposed buildings;

(5) Proposed street cross-sections;

(6) Proposed parks, playgrounds, school sites and other open spaces and public areas;

(7) Location and type of existing and proposed landscaping, and identification of any existing trees to be removed;

(8) Economic feasibility analysis of proposed commercial uses;

(9) Delineation of the major units within the development;

(10) Relation to future land use in surrounding area as proposed in the general plan;

(11) Public utilities facilities location, and proposed location of wires and conduits;

(12) Suitable scale drawings of present area and of planned unit development as proposed; and

(13) Proposed off-street parking.

b. The Planning Commission of the City of _________ and _________[the City Council] may require further information for the purpose of determining whether or not the planned unit development as proposed will comply and conform substantially to the general plan.

Section 4. Pursuant to the determination required of substantial conformity with the general plan, the Planning Commission of the City of _________ and _________[the City Council] shall make the following additional findings prior to any zoning or rezoning of the affected area:

(1). That the total development in each individual unit therein shall exist as an independent unit capable of creating an environment of sustained desirability and stability or that adequate assurance will be provided that such objective will be attained; that the uses proposed will not be detrimental to present and potential surrounding uses, but will have a beneficial effect which could not be achieved under other zoning districts.

(2). That the streets and thoroughfares proposed are suitable and adequate to carry anticipated traffic, and that the density shall not generate traffic in such amounts as to overload the street network outside the PUD district.

(3). That any proposed commercial development shall be justified economically at the locations proposed, to provide for adequate commercial facilities of the types proposed.

(4). That the economic impact created by the district shall be absorbed by the city (police, fire service, water supply, sewage disposal, etc.).

(5). That the proposed off-street parking is in substantial conformance with the provisions of city ordinance _________[title or number] establishing requirements for off-street parking within the city generally.

[Signature of authorized official]

Approved as to form:


[City Attorney]