Ordinance Granting Variation.

Be it ordained by the city council of the city of _________ that:

Whereas, the question of granting the variations included in this ordinance was referred to the board of zoning appeals to hold a public hearing thereon;

And whereas such a public hearing was held, after due public notice, in the manner provided by law;

And whereas the said board has made a report, containing findings of fact, and recommending the granting of said variation:

Now therefore be it ordained by the city council of the city of _________:

A variation from the terms of the zoning ordinance is hereby granted to permit the conduct of any business permitted in a light industrial district, as described in the zoning ordinance, on the premises known as: [here insert description of property] and to erect and maintain any building permitted in a light industrial district on the said premises subject to the following conditions:

All restrictions as to the intensity of the use of the lot area applicable in residential districts shall be complied with; and all restrictions as to setbacks, side yards and rear yards applicable in residence districts shall be complied with.

Parking place for off the street parking of one automobile for each four employees shall be furnished, on the area prescribed for the rear yard and the entrance and egress for all trucks shall be only to _________ street.

The findings and recommendations of the zoning board of appeals on the question of granting this variance are hereby accepted and adopted and made a part of this ordinance.

Passed on _________[date].