Ordinance Approving Development Plan

Whereas, _________ homes, inc. [developer], has filed with the city planning commission a development plan for a tract of land consisting of _________ acres as required by section _________ of the ordinance; and

Whereas, the city planning commission has approved said development plan after public notice and hearing; and

Whereas, the _________ city council has given public notice and held a public hearing on said development plan; and

Whereas, council finds that for the said tract as a whole, excluding street area, but including area to be devoted to parks, parkways or other permanent open spaces, there will not be less than the required area per family for the area district in which such tract of land is located for each family which under such development plan may be housed on such street; and

Where, council further finds that under such development plan for appropriate use of property adjacent to the area included in such development plan is fully safeguarded; Now, therefore, be it ordained by the council of the city of _________:

Section 1. That the development plan of _________ homes, inc. [developer], for _________ acres of land located at the northeast corner of Jasmine Way and Aphrodisiac Boulevard, and the same is hereby approved, and the application of use, height, area and yard regulations established in part _________, planning and zoning code are hereby modified as required by such development plan.

Section 2. That the development plan referred to in section 1 hereof pertains to the following described real estate: _________[legal description]; containing in all _________ acres.

Section 3. That the clerk of the council is authorized and directed to cause publication of this ordinance to be made in a summary manner as provided by the city charter.

Section 4. That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.