Bill of Sale by Receiver

I, _________, receiver for _________, duly appointed, qualified and acting under orders of the District Court of _________ County, _________, in cause No. _________, styled _________, for and in consideration of $_____ cash and paid by _________ of _________, the receipt of which is acknowledged, have transferred, assigned, sold and conveyed, to _________ the following shares of corporate stock belonging to the estate of _________: _________[describe specifically, giving number of shares and certificate numbers], together with all other shares of corporate stock, stock certificates, and other securities of every kind and character owned by _________ or in which the estate of _________ has any right, title, interest or claim, including those specifically listed and described above, and any and all others. And for the same consideration, I, _________, receiver, for _________, have granted, sold and conveyed to _________ any and all other properties, assets, claims, chooses in action, real estate and interests in real estate, which _________ owns, has a claim to, or has any right, title, and interest in; and fully transfer, assign and convey all remaining and undisposed of properties, real, personal and mixed, of _________, to _________.

To have and to hold the same unto _________, his [or her] heirs and assigns, forever.