Condition of Receivers Bond

By order of the _________ Court of _________ County sitting in chancery, made on the _________ day of _________, where _________ is complainant and _________ defendant, it was ordered, that _________ is appointed receiver of all the property, equitable interests, things in action, and effects of the defendant, _________, except those exempted by law, and that he [she] be vested with all the rights and powers of a receiver in chancery upon his filing of a bond for the faithful performance of his [her] duties, in the penal sum of _________ thousand dollars, upon approval.

Now, therefore, if _________ shall account for what shall come to his [her] hands or control as receiver, and pay and apply the same from time to time as he may be directed by the court, and obey all orders that the court may make in relation to the trust, and in all respects faithfully discharge the duties of the trust, then the above obligation will be voided.