Repossession by Seller

In the event buyer defaults in any payment due under this agreement, or fails to comply with any of the terms or conditions here, or a proceeding in bankruptcy, receivership, or insolvency is instituted by or against the buyer or his or her property, or the seller has reasonable cause to believe that the property is in danger of misuse or confiscation, or in the event either that the buyer fails for any reason to purchase physical damage insurance as required by this contract or that the required physical damage insurance (whether procured by the seller or by the buyer) is cancelled by the insurer prior to expiration, seller or any sheriff or other officer of the law may take immediate possession of the property without demand, including any equipment or accessories, and for this purpose seller may enter upon the premises where the property may be and remove same. Seller may take possession of any other property in the previously described motor vehicle at time of repossession, wherever such other property may be there and hold same for buyer at buyer's risk without liability on the part of the seller, buyer to be liable for any charges for storing such property incurred by seller. Such repossession shall not affect seller's right, confirmed here, to retain all payments made prior to it by the buyer under this agreement.

In the event of repossession of the property, the seller shall have all rights and remedies provided and permitted by law including the right to apply the proceeds of disposition to the reasonable expenses of retaking, holding, preparing for sale, selling and the like, reasonable attorneys' fees, legal expenses incurred, and satisfaction of indebtedness. Any surplus should be paid to the buyer or as otherwise required by law. The buyer shall be liable for any deficiency.