Bankruptcy proceedings representation

To _________:

The _________ company, a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the state of _________, having its principal office in the _________ of _________, in the county of _________ and state of _________, does by this means authorize you, or any one of you, to attend the meetings of creditors of the bankrupt named at a court of bankruptcy, wherever advertised or directed to be held, on the day and at the hour appointed and notified by the court in the matter, or at such other place and time as may be appointed by the court for holding such meeting or meetings, or at which such meeting or meetings, or any adjournment may be held, and then and there from time to time, and as often as there may be occasion, for it and in its name to vote for or against any proposal or resolution that may be then submitted under the acts of Congress relating to bankruptcy; and in the choice of trustee or trustees of the estate of the bankrupt, and for it to assent to such appointment of trustee; and with like powers to attend and vote at any other meeting or meetings of creditors, or sitting or sittings of the court, which may be held for any of the purposes stated; also to accept any composition proposed by the bankrupt in satisfaction of his [or her] debts, and to receive payment of dividends and of money due it under any composition, and for any other purpose in its interest whatsoever, with full power of substitution.