Boxing Employment Agreement

-------------------, referred to as BOXER, and ---------------------,

referred to as MANAGER, agree:

BOXER agrees to exclusively box and train for MANAGER under the

terms and conditions stated herein beginning on __________, 20

__ and terminating on __________, 20 __.

BOXER shall train as directed by MANAGER, providing good faith

and best efforts. BOXER shall follow the regime of training and

cooperate fully with the instruction provided.

MANAGER shall use MANAGER's best efforts to secure fights for

BOXER, and BOXER shall use BOXER's best efforts in matches obtained


MANAGER shall pay BOXER % of the net receipts from any engagements

or contracts obtained by MANAGER for the services of BOXER, after

the deduction of bona fide training and travel expenses.

MANAGER shall pay a signing bonus of $ ( & no/100 dollars) upon

the execution of this agreement to BOXER.

MANAGER guarantees to BOXER minimum compensation of $ ( & no/100

dollars) during the contract.

BOXER shall be entitled to payment of the difference between

the amount guaranteed and actual earnings, if any, within

10 days of the conclusion of this contract term.

This contract is for exclusive personal services. BOXER agrees

not to participate in any other sport or athletic activity during

the term of this agreement without the prior written consent of


In the event that BOXER is suspended by any state athletic commission

from engaging in boxing this agreement, at the option of MANAGER,

shall terminate. Any requirement to pay compensation shall cease

upon such termination, except for compensation owed prior to the


The parties agree that injunctive relief is appropriate in this

matter in the event of a breach due to the unique nature of the

services herein.

This agreement shall be subject to the regulations of any applicable

government bodies with jurisdiction over this matter.

This is the entire agreement between the parties and this agreement

may only be modified in writing.

Dated: ___/____/____