Stepparents Conduct toward Children

Husband and wife agree to the following with regard to the following children :

1. There must be mutual respect between stepparent and child.

2. The stepparent may administer appropriate forms of discipline that are agreed upon by both husband and wife, and this agreed form of discipline may be administered by stepparent in the absence of the natural parent. The natural parent will not interfere with the agreed disciplining of the child by the stepparent. Any matters that husband and wife disagree upon, with regard to disciplining the child, will be settled only in the absence of the child.

3. The privacy of the child will be fully respected by the stepparent.

4. Equal treatment will be given to all children in the family, regardless of whether they are natural children or stepchildren. This equality must be made clear to all children in the family.


Signature of Wife


Signature of Husband


Signature of Witness